What: Native Plant Sale

When: Saturday, January 21st, 2023,  10:00 to 1:00

Where: UF/IFAS Extension Office 2614 SE Dixie Hwy, Stuart

For a number of years our Chapter of the Native Plant Society has partnered with the Martin County Extension Office’s Master Gardeners to hold a ‘native plant event’ on Florida Arbor Day, January 21st.  The Master Gardeners hold a series of brief tree planting and care workshops and then give attendees a small tree. While they are holding their workshops we hold a sale of native plants which are not available in Martin County nurseries.

The 1 and 3 gallon size plants were purchased from Butterfly Native Plant Nursery near Melbourne and Mesozoic Landscapes in Lake Worth . The plants were carefully selected to be appropriate for Martin County. The list of plants has been given below so you can research species with which you are not familiar. This year in keeping with our Program theme of ‘Trees’ we have included a selection of young trees native to South Florida.

We will not take pre-sale orders or reserve plants in advance; all sales will be on a first come basis. 

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Bay Cedar                                Suriana maritima

Beach Creeper                         Ernodia littoralis

Beautyberry                             Callicarpa americana

Bee Balm                                Monarda punctata

Carolina Wild Petunia               Ruellia caroliniensis

Coontie                                   Zamia integrifolia

Dwarf/Bluestem Palmetto         Sabal minor

Firebush                                 Hamelia patens

Gulf Croton (Beach Tea)           Croton punctatus

Horizontal Cocoplum               Chyrsobalanus icacao

Jamiaca Caper                        Quadrella jamaicensis

Little Strongbark                     Bourreria cassinifolia

Narrowleaf Yellow Tops            Flaveria linearis

Necklacepod                          Sophora tormentosa

Pineland Heliotrope                 Euploca polyphylla

Redberry Stopper                   Eugenia confusa

Shiny Blueberry                     Vaccinium myrsinites

Shortleaf Gayfeather               Liatris tenufolia-quadrifolia

Spanish Stopper                    Eugenia foetida

Bahama Strongbark               Bourreria succulenta

Black Ironwood                      Krugiodendron ferreum

Blolly                                    Guapira discolor

Hercules-club                        Zanthoxylum clava-herculis

Inkwood                                Exothea paniculata

Lancewood                           Damburneya coriacea

myrtle oak                            Quercus myrtifolia

Oysterwood                          Gymnantheslucida

Pigeon Plum                         Coccoloba diversifolia

Satinleaf                               Chrysophyllum oliviforme

Cinnamon Bark                     Canella winterana

Sweet Acacia                       Vechellia farnesiana var farnesiana

Torchwood                           Amyris  elemifera

Wild Lime                           Zanthoxylum fagara


Published on  December 23rd, 2022