Chapter Meetings


Oct 4 -- meeting: Nancy Angermaier & Beverly Gravley, St. Lucie County Master           Gardeners

Oct 7 --  Fieldtrip:  OxBow Eco-Center, Port St. Lucie



Nov 1 -- meeting: Wendy Schepman, landscape-operations teacher at South Fork           High School

Nov 4 -- fieldtrip:  to be announced



Dec 2 -- December Gathering at Halpatioki Park



Jan 3 -- meeting: Cameron Maletto, Long Leaf Design LLC

Jan 6 -- fieldtrip:  Private Residence in Hobe Sound, address to be distributed to                     field trip registrants



Feb 7 -- meeting:  CJ McCartney, Florida Wildflower Foundation

Feb 10 -- fieldtrip:  Seabranch Preserve State Park

Feb TBD -- Presentation and plant tour from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the Florida
          Oceanographic Society

Feb 24  -- Jensen Beach Garden Expo (9 to 3 at Indian Riverside Park)



Mar 6 -- meeting:  Ray Klahne & Carly Batts, Martin County Audubon Society

Mar 9 -- fieldtrip:  Possum Long Nature Center, Stuart FL



April 3 -- meeting:  Lynda Davis, Executive Director of Florida Native Plant Society

April 6 -- fieldtrip:  Savannas Preserve State Park guided by Paul Strauss



May 1 --  meeting: Rich Ackerman, Broward Native Orchids00

May 4 -- fieldtrip: Pan’s Garden, Palm Beach

Published on  November 15th, 2023