Plant Sharing

The Plant Share Table is a feature of every Martin County monthly meeting.
Please come a little early to scope out what’s available at the Share Table. You’ll see a variety of natives from home gardens; we don't purchase plants for the table. All you have to do is make a donation for which you will get tickets that  can be swapped for plants.

Matching surplus plants with optimistic plant seekers is fun and benefits the chapter.  Cash donations help cover meeting expenses. Some folks get caught up in the excitement and just donate cash. Which ever way you participate, the native plant exchange is a feel-good part of our meetings.The Share Table is a source of much sharing of information too.

The Plant Share Table only works if members bring in surplus plants from their own gardens; .  While all contributions are welcome we do ask that plants are named (common and scientific if possible), have been in the pot for two weeks (to ensure they have survived transplanting and transportation), and are at least 4" tall.

Published on  November 15th, 2023